The term "wiki" is derived from the phrase "wiki-wiki," which is Hawaiian for "quick." Either one person or a group of people can edit and publish wikis quickly and easily. This is an excellent tool for collaboration. Wikis are sort of like a mix between a word processing document and a webpage. The tools on the wiki allow you to add many different items on a page. You can make your text bold or italicized or even underlined. You can have a hyperlink to a website or a link to another page on the wiki, like the home page. Creative designers may choose to add color or change the size of the text. You should try to use headings and subheadings to make it easier for your viewers to read the information on your page.

Some sample guidelines you may use with your kids include:

Wiki Rules for Digital Citizens (sample)
Although this is a private, educational wiki, it will be read by other students in Mrs. Hayden’s Science classes and parents who sign up for “guest” status. Please follow these rules:

  1. The wiki is a part of school. All school rules apply, even if you access this wiki when you are not at school.
  2. Private wikis are recommended for school use. Only members of the wiki are allowed to access it (don't give password details to anyone else).
  3. Never write anything that you don't want everyone else to know.
  4. Do not add or upload content that is inappropriate, offensive or illegal.
  5. Please do not edit another classmates’ work unless told to do so by your teacher (i.e. a group task is assigned)
  6. Never include personal information about yourself. Don’t share anything personal that can be traced back to you--DON’T give out your name, phone number, email address,, or home address. Only use your first name - never write your full name anywhere on this wiki
  7. All discussion topics must be appropriate and replies to posts must be on topic. Keep all of your other discussions on your social networking sites.
  8. This is an educational assignment, so please write in complete sentences using proper grammar usage, capitalization, spelling, etc. No “text talk”, please!
  9. Have fun wiki-ing!

In addition, you can add an embed a:

picture like this cavalier.gif OR a video like this

Week In Rap 10.23.09 from Week in Rap on Vimeo.

OR a Word document like this

OR a PowerPoint like this

OR a table like this


OR a calendar like you saw on the HOME page of this WIKI!

Just click on the SAVE button at the top or the bottom when you are finished! Settings in the wiki can allow you to monitor changes to the webpage. Changes made to the wiki are tracked as "page history," so it's possible to see the development of the wiki over time. All entries are trackable by username and retrievable. Another feature is that each page has its own Discussion tab where you can post comments or questions. If you have any questions about how to navigate the wiki, please add them to the Discussion tab on this page. This is set up as an "educational wiki" and therefore, for safety purposes, is private. This means that only people who are members of our wiki and view it. Since this is a class wiki for school, all school rules apply here, too! Never write anything that you don't want everyone to know. Always show respect to the other authors. Do not use your full name anywhere and do not include private information about yourself such as your address or phone number. Even though this is a private wiki and can only be viewed by those we invite, it is still important to practice cyber safety. Watch this video for a short explanation on a wiki.

Now you're all set! So go forth and have fun wiki-ing!!