The purpose of ACTIVE QUESTIONING is to increase the number of questions that students ASK (fluency), plus raise the level of complexity and creativity (flexibility). You can make this task less daunting for students by simplifying the terminology. Students will have fun identifying basic recall, convergent, and one right answer questions as "SKINNY" and more complex, divergent, open-ended questions as "FAT." You may choose to refer to these questions as "empty and full" or "closed and open" if you are concerned about a weight reference.

Examples include:

SKINNY Questions
FAT Questions
What is two plus two?
What the all the ways you can think of to make four?
Can you name the animal called man’s best friend?
Why are dog’s typically referred to as “man’s best friend?”
What color is Mickey Mouse’s nose?
What if your nose were on top of your head?
What animal looks like a horse but has stripes?
Why do zebras have stripes but horses do not?
Challenge your students to CREATE their own SKINNY and FAT questions within your curriculum!