Pre-Assessment Strategies

After school today, the entire staff is required to attend a mandatory in-service on how to set up an email distribution list. This meeting will take 60 minutes.

(Did I get your attention?)

I'm sure those of you who ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SET ONE UP weren't very appreciative. Who wants to spend their time learning something with which you are already familiar? Now you know the purpose of PRE-ASSESSMENT! Why waste your students' time teaching them something they already know? Pre-assessment is an important tool for planning lessons. Once you pre-assess, you can plan more effectively.

Check out these techniques for pre-assessment.

So, you've pre-assessed. Now what? Design tiered lessons with varying degrees of complexity, use flexible groups with differentiated objectives, or compact that student out! Give them the book to read ahead at their own pace along with the essay assignment, assign them the 10 hardest math questions to do as their assignment, etc... THEN, if they produce high level work, allow them the opportunity to learn at their level with extension menus, independent research projects, etc.. More to come on that in the next diff-tip!

Oh, and there is no meeting after school today! Phewwww.