A hotquilt is basically a hotlist on steroids! Hotquilts can be used as extensions by students to learn more about a certain topic in your curricular area. I have attached three for you to view - Ancient Rome, Performing Arts, and Oceans. Here is my offer to you:
  • give me a topic for which you'd like a hotquilt
  • I will CREATE one for you on the condition that you let me TEACH you how to make one for yourself in the future
  • make one yourself and I can "pretty" it up for you
  • be prepared to spend some time doing research, but it certainly is worth it, as this is something you can keep
  • these can be posted on your BLOG!
This is a fantastic example of a way to "extend" your curriculum to those students who need it. It also may lead a child to want to dive into a subject even more....i.e. Type III project with me!

How to make a hotquilt:

Scroll down to see three sample hotquilts:

Ancient Rome Hotquilt

Ocean Hotquilt

Performing Arts Hotquilt