Extension Menus
What is an Extension Menu?
An extension menu is an array of independent learning activities presented in a 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3 format (boxes) to provide students with choices for extending or enriching the essential curriculum.
What is the purpose of an Extension Menu?
• Enrich or extend the essential curriculum
• Challenge the abilities of highly able students
• Provide alternative activities that address the differing abilities, interests, or learning styles of students
What are the advantages of Extension Menus?
• Can be written for any curriculum area
• Provide rigorous and challenging learning activities for highly able students
• May be tiered to accommodate all levels of instruction in the classroom
• Can be used to target specific learning activities for an individual student or group of students
• Allow student choice as well as challenge
• Encourage the development of independent thinkers
• Allow the teacher to monitor students’ choices and behaviors to learn more about their interests, abilities and learning styles
• Promote student use of higher level thinking skills
• Promote flexible grouping in the classroom
• Allow the teacher to be a facilitator
How to Create and Use Extension Menus:http://www.fcpsteach.org/docs/Extension%20Menu%20directions%209.1.04.pdf Extension Menus currently available on www.fcpsteach.org